Will Woodin McBride


Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1931, childhood in Chicago, adolescent years in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

1948-50, studies English Literature at the University of Vermont, and becomes a private student of the painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell. 

1950-1951, Master of Fine Arts at Syracuse University, N.Y.. Attends National Academy, New York.

1953-1955, military service, US Army, stationed in Würzburg, Germany.

1955, relocates to Berlin, entering the Department of English Philology at the Free Untiversity of Berlin, continues to paint. First assignments as a photographer, early assignments for Life, Look, Paris Match.

Since 1959, increasing collaboration with twen magazine.

1960, marriage with Barbara Wilke, three sons.

Moves to Munich in 1961; photo essays and reportages, especially for the German magazines twen, Quick, Eltern.

1965, lecturer at the Ulm School of Design; founding of Will McBride Studio in Munich, until 1972, publications, advertisement. Retreat to Casoli (Toscana) – focus on sculpture and painting, workshops (1974 -1979) on photography in Castelfranco di Sopra with Willy Fleckhaus and at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles.

McBride returns to Germany in 1983, establishing himself as a painter, sculptor and photographer in Frankfurt am Main. 

A first retrospective is launched in 1992 („Will McBride — 4o Jahre Fotografie“) showing in museums in Frankfurt, Bonn, Hamburg, München and Berlin.

1995, work on „No War! Monument“ begins. The installation will eventally encompass 200 bronzes and oil paintings, and becomes a creative focal point, even after the return to Berlin in 1999.

Receives the Erich-Salomon—Prize of the German Society for Photography (DGPh) in 2004. Aside from numerous contributions to magazines, Will McBride’s work has been published in numerous books, including in those of his own design, An increasing number of exhibitions, mainly of the photographic oeuvre, eventually came pass, during and after Will McBride’s life time.








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